The top 5 KPIs every AP team should measure

  • Invoice processing time
  • Cost to process a single invoice
  • Invoice exception rate
  • Invoice to PO rate
  • Budget variance

Download the white paper to find out more!


Download our white paper to understand how measuring the right KPIs will benefit your business.

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Setting and tracking KPIs can have multiple benefits for your AP teams

Read our white paper to understand how setting and tracking KPIs can bring efficiency, cost reduction and risk mitigation benefits.

Learn how to:

  • Set KPIs that align with your business strategy
  • Interpret metrics and identify pain points
  • Calculate how your team performs against key AP benchmarks
  • Improve department-critical KPIs with AP automation

KPI measuring and AP automation produces a winning formula

Automation can generate a time saving of 70-80% and lead to a cost saving of 33%.

70% of our respondents said they believe paper-based processes are more vulnerable to fraud than automated.

45% of CFOs say minimising the administrative burden of expense processing is their #1 priority.

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