Accurately accrue liabilities

Gain an accurate, real-time report of your monthly accrual. Improve visibility into invoices as soon as they are received, and throughout any step in the approval workflow.

Instantly find any invoice

Simplify audits and save time with digital invoice storage. Search invoices by vendor, GL code, amount, legal entity, or any other information on the invoice.

Reduce AP risk with invoice approvals

Set up customised approval channels for your team. Reduce the risk of duplicate payments, errors, and fraudulent activities by ensuring only the right invoices are paid at the right time.

Reduce data entry

Beanworks enters your invoice header data with 99% accuracy. Use our GL smart coding feature to code invoices with one click, based on what was entered previously for similar invoices.

Beanworks lets us take care of purchase orders, invoices, and payments, from one easy-to-use system.

Howard D., Innovative HVAC

We now have access to all of our invoices and corresponding payment information, with a few clicks of a mouse.

Samantha M., Senior Accountant, Dynamic Systems

This has really allowed us to get invoices in our system much quicker, which in turn leads to faster payment processing.

Lisa C., Accounts Payable, Austin Country Clubhello world

Sync to your accounting system

Beanworks integrates seamlessly with your accounting system, while you maintain control over which invoices are exported and when.

Quickly create digital invoices

Batch scan your paper invoices, and easily split them into separate invoices with a simple drag and drop interface.

Gain an electronic audit trail

With the entire AP workflow in Beanworks, you can easily report on the workflow history of each document, including approval steps, dates, and comments.

Reduce bottlenecks and delays

View a summary of your AP workflow, and identify bottlenecks in the process so that you can reduce delays. View a centralised dashboard for all of your legal entities.

Beanworks Capabilities

Flexible Workflow
Flexible Workflow

Streamline your team’s AP workflow, from purchase to payments


Manage multiple companies or locations centrally

Digital Storage
Digital Storage

Say goodbye to filing cabinets and lost paperwork

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Users

Provide access to everyone involved in AP

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Friendly

Access and approve invoices on iOS / Android

Fast Implementation
Fast Implementation

Automate your accounts payable in less than 6 hours

Ready to automate?

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