Q: How long does Beanworks store my data?
A: We store data for 7 years in accordance with data compliance laws.

Q: I’m a multi-entity organization, can I still use Beanworks?
A: Yes, whether you have one or one hundred. Beanworks allows you to manage AP for all entities on one screen.

Q: Does Beanworks auto-capture invoice data?
A: Yes, Beanworks automatically captures your invoice data with superior accuracy due to human verification.

Q: What is Beanworks’ data capture accuracy rate?
A: We capture invoice data with 99% accuracy.

Q: What countries are payments supported by Beanworks?
A: Beanworks has payment partners in Canada and the USA and will be expanding to more countries in the future.

Q: Can I process payments within my Beanworks account?
A: Yes, Beanworks supports all forms of payments such as Checks, ACH, EFT, Virtual Credit Cards and Wires.

Q: What’s the typical time frame to implement Beanworks?
A: Typical setup time for new Beanworks customers is 4-8 hours.
1-2 hours for the integration
1-2 hours of high-level training
1-2 hours setting up your workflows
1-2 hours of deep-dive training

Additional support is available through your Customer Success Manager.

Q: What level of customer support can I expect from Beanworks?
A: We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are supported in a way that suits their needs. We offer support by phone, email, as well as in-app chat so you can get the assistance you need when and how you choose.

Q: Does Beanworks support credit memos?
A: Yes, you can manage credit memos from within your Beanworks account.