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Keep Invoice Approvals Moving – Even When Managers Are Out-of-Office

April 15, 2021

Let’s face it, managers are frequently out-of-office and it’s usually when you need them the most. For the accounts payable (AP) team, that’s normally when they need to get an invoice approved. Does your organization have a process in place to keep approvals moving when a manager is away?

AP departments that rely on manual approvals, often lack agility and aren’t set up to quickly reroute invoices in the absence of an approver. They lose hours trying to find the next best person to sign-off invoices or wait until the approver returns, causing delays in payments. 

Automation can help accounting teams overcome such roadblocks and ensure proper controls are maintained even while approvers are on leave. Beanworks’ approval channel delegation feature allows businesses to transfer approval authority to another colleague – either temporarily to cover a vacation or leave, or permanently. This helps eliminate delays in paying vendors.

Teams that work remotely or assign new approvers frequently, benefit by eliminating delays, which is particularly important at times such as month-end closing.

As with any business, when an employee goes on vacation or leaves the company, their duties are assigned to someone else. Within AP when an approver leaves, their invoice approval charge can easily be delegated to another manager. 

The feature is available for invoice and purchase order modules, and select separate delegates can be assigned for each one. Here’s how it works.


As your organization grows, it’s possible that you’ll connect with more vendors for business. A manual approval workflow can become increasingly complex as you process more payments. With automation, you can say goodbye to arduous follow-ups, and keeping track of paper.

Get invoices approved on time and avoid costly delays

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