What AP Professionals Really Gain from Automation

Automating your AP can save your team time, resource and money.

We help AP teams run more efficiently, and spend less time on manual, error-prone tasks like data entry. Download our white paper today to learn more.


Download our white paper to understand how automating your Accounts Payable will benefit your business.

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The benefits of AP automation aren’t confined to convenience

Read our white paper to understand how automating your AP can help increase efficiency and cost savings across:

Purchase orders



Save time, cut costs, and improve performance with AP automation

Automation can generate a time saving of 70-80% and lead to a cost saving of 33%.

70% of our respondents said they believe paper-based processes are more vulnerable to fraud than automated.

45% of CFOs say minimising the administrative burden of expense processing is their #1 priority.

Visibility and Control for Your Entire AP Process

Get our handy one page overview of the Beanworks platform to quickly see how automation will help you save.


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