Trusted as the best AP software, processing more than £23 billion in AP spend and counting

Mitigate risk with stronger controls

Use custom rules to automate and see every step of your team's AP workflow. Easily route POs, invoices, and payment approvals to the right team member at the right time.

Gain visibility of your AP spend from anywhere

Easily look up the details of any invoice, PO or payment in the cloud, regardless of where it is in the workflow. Accurately accrue liabilities in real time and get a better understanding of your vendor spend.

Reduce costs with AI-powered data entry

Manual AP is labour-intensive and can cost up to £11 to process an invoice. Eliminate 83% of data entry with automatic header and line item data capture.

Mitigate risk with stronger controls

How long does it take to code, approve, and pay invoices? What are the outstanding payments for the month? Understand your AP position in real-time with dashboards.

Empower Every Member of Your Accounting Team

Finance Leaders
Finance Leaders

Drive down back-office costs and gain real-time visibility into payables data to make the right decisions


Find approval bottlenecks, pay vendors faster, and get more done with fewer resources

AP Professionals
AP Professionals

Cut down on manual, inefficient tasks and spend your time doing more enjoyable work

Beanworks for Accounting Teams

Why Beanworks?

  • Centralise your AP for multiple locations or legal entities

  • Match your purchase orders to invoices and receivings

  • Automate approval routing for POs, invoices and payments

  • Quickly find any AP document and see all workflow steps completed

  • Easily approve and release vendor payments

Ready to automate?

Discover what Beanworks can do for your business


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