Quick Custom Reports

Transparency is everything, and the more you can see – the more you can do. With Beanworks you can create custom filters on any data point including workflow data. Beanworks’ AP automation solution gives you the power to search for invoices using any criteria, add those invoices to a report and convert them to an Excel or PDF document in seconds from any workspace in the system. Beanworks not only remembers your user settings, it saves your filters and searches so all your most imperative invoices are just a click away. Use our pre-set payment backup report, create your saved month end accruals report or report on invoice  workflow; report on anything at anytime – it’s that simple. Internal and external audits become a breeze now, not a nightmare for your accounting team. So forget about the headaches of the past, BeanworksAP makes life a whole lot easier.

Challenges We Solve

  • Work overload
  • Easier account reconciliation
  • Easier variance analysis
  • Easier budgeting
  • Assistance with forecasting for managers
  • Easy access to historical data to those outside of accounting
  • Ability to measure productivity

Our Commitment To You

  • Filter and report on a collection of invoices with any data criteria combination you want that we carry in the system
  • Save your searches to make invoices easy to access
  • Seamlessly download information to PDF or Excel
  • Share your report with users instantly
  • Pre-set reports with all the major details you need
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