Purchase Order Matching

Save time and money with our automated three-way invoice-to-purchase order matching. Feed in PO’s from your ERP or use our online purchase order module to control spend or just to allow for automatic matching of PO’s to invoices. Quick, flexible and easy to use, purchase orders no longer have to be a time consuming process and neither does matching them to their corresponding invoices. To further speed the process BeanworksAP can instantly adopt the coding of the PO to the invoice as well as provide a side-by-side view to analyze the variance between the purchase order and the invoice. Accounting teams rejoice, PO’s will be easier to create and manage than ever before. And with real-time access, you can see the costs your organization has committed to before the invoice even arrives from your vendors. Beanworks smart accounts payable automation means less work for you – it’s the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Challenges We Solve

  • Minimizing coding errors resulting in re-work
  • Minimizing late payment penalties
  • Speed up processing time
  • Improve control and visibility into spend commitments

Our Commitment To You

  • Save Time and Money
  • Quick, Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Real-Time Access
  • Automatically Match POs to Invoices
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