Instant Invoice Routing

Toss away your sticky notes! With Beanworks’ AP automation solution routing of AP invoices has never been easier.  Just a few clicks of your mouse routes an invoice to another employee anywhere with your comments.  That makes communication between everyone in your organization a breeze and adds a great deal of efficiency to your workflow. Your invoices will be automatically routed to the right approvers in your organization once they’ve been coded. Plus, you never have to worry about losing track of a payables invoice again! Our cloud-based automation application makes every part of accounts payable process a breeze, less fuss; after all, simple is better.

Challenges We Solve

  • Easier collaboration
  • Get the spend information from the people who did the spending
  • Minimizing late payment penalties
  • Streamlining approval process

Our Commitment To You

  • Easy communication between users on any invoice
  • Instantly pass your invoice to users
  • No more lost invoices
  • Streamlining the workflow between off-site approvers instantly
  • See every invoice at any stage of the approval process
Unlock the Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards

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