SageAPA Application Description: SageAPA (Beanworks AP) is a cloud-based accounts payable service with the following features:

  • Invoice entry and data capture – The software includes flexible methods to capture invoices including direct uploads, scanning and email. The data capture service captures the invoice date, received date, vendor name, PO number, subtotal, taxes and total of the invoice. Invoices can be manually capture as well by the customer.
  • PO matching – automated three-way invoice to PO matching. Customers may feed in PO’s from some Sage solutions or use the SageAPA PO module to control spend or allow for automatic matching of PO’s to invoices. For some Sage Products, receiving data can also be feed into the PO for matching. SageAPA can instantly match a PO to an invoice and allow the customer to adopt the coding on the PO or use the Received amounts. The system provides for some variance check points depending on what data is feeding into the system from the Sage accounting solution.
  • Invoice data access and visibility – SageAPA provides end users with immediate access to invoices from the moment they are emailed or scanned into SageAPA. Users can monitor other users to make sure invoices are flowing the way they should be and help identify any bottlenecks slowing down the workflow. The service offers real-time access with daily notifications for when invoices require attention.
  • Invoices can be routed manually to other users. Once fully coded, invoices are automatically sent for approval to the assigned approvers in your organization based on the system administrator’s approval workflow setup.
  • Electronically pay invoices. Approve digital payments with backup in full view, and securely via virtual credit card, EFT/ACH, wire, or automated check with the click of a button.
  • Multi-company management – SageAPA can connect to multiple Sage accounting systems at once and sync to them with one sync tool or API integration. SageAPA’s multi-company feature provides the power to monitor and process invoices for each company from one place and one view. The solution is flexible enough to ensure invoices are always associated with the correct company but still allow Sage End users to search and report across multiple companies instantly.
  • Sage product integration – SageAPA integrates by pulling the GL, Vendor and other required AP coding lists from the Sage product into SageAPA. As well, SageAPA imports PO’s and Receiving Data (where applicable and with certain Sage products only) as well as payment data for invoices can be either imported if created in Sage or exported to Sage if payments are made in SageAPA.
  • Data is served and stored securely by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canadian data center. The full list of data center compliance can be found here: