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What AP Professionals Really Gain from Automation

What AP Professionals Really Gain From Automation Illustration

What would your accounts payable process look like if you removed all the obstacles they face?

If you’re still working with paper checks and paper invoices — and recent statistics suggest that over 40% of you are, then it’s time to re-evaluate your AP process.

According to Goldman Sachs: Manual labor is the most significant driver of cost in AP. But if you switch to an automation solution you can save 70-80% of your time, which leads to a cost saving of 33%. By employing a smart AP platform it’s possible to mitigate AP challenges while at the same time increasing efficiency and cost savings. 

Download this white paper to discover: 

  • How to easily access reports and real-time data– so you can make informed decisions
  • How to reduce errors and generate efficient cash flow 
  • Foster trust and boost customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate delays and late payments 

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