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Ending the Paper Chase in Accounts Payable

Processing paper invoices and checks is messy.

Documents can get lost, damaged, or simply languish forever in an inbox. They also leave organizations vulnerable to fraud. Just as harmful? With the changing structure of the modern workplace, reliance on paper documents makes it difficult or downright impossible for accounts payable teams to function. 

With that in mind, it’s easy to see why 86% of CFOs view digitization of finance processes as vital to the success of their organization.

Watch this Masterclass to discover how eliminating paper and going digital is giving companies the edge they need to succeed in the new working world. 

Watch this 30-minute masterclass learn how to:

  • Ensure data accessibility no matter where or how your team works
  • Reduce time-consuming data entry by 83%
  • Combat fraud with the elimination of paper invoices and checks
  • Perform a health check on your AP process

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