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Case Study

Pairing NetSuite with Beanworks helped GoSecure save time (and boost strategy)

When GoSecure decided it was time to automate their accounts payable processes, they needed a technology partner that could enhance their experience, rather than rebuild it entirely. Learn how they saved time and money through simplified and automated processes.


Case Study

“We’re saving a day-and-a-half” – Formula for AP Success

AP challenges had existed long before the pandemic at Elemental Energy. But with the subsequent lockdowns and the sudden shift to hybrid work, routine tasks came to a standstill. Learn how they reduced time and improve instant access of documents for all entities.

Telus World of Science, Edmonton

Case Study

TELUS World of Science: “Beanworks has been a huge time saver for our AP team”

The biggest challenge that motivated TWOSE to automate AP was a slow and frustrating approvals process. With 50 managers tasked to sign off over 200 invoices per month, the finance team was getting bogged down by delays.


Case Study

Master Budget with AP Automation: This Home Builder Shows You How

Moving to AP automation provided the budgetary controls that Sorensen needed. Through Beanworks, the company gained the ability to track committed spend. They were also able to manage spending by department, project, or vendor.

Magnum York Photo

Case Study

This is How Magnum York Beat Late Payments

Some of the biggest AP challenges for Magnum York were late payments, duplicate invoices and approval delays. Learn how they went from paying vendors 45-50 days late, to processing invoices the same week.


Case Study

“Payment management at the click of a button” – DreamPak Boosts Payments Processing With Automation

A lack of inter-connectedness between accounting systems forced one finance executive to spend hours doing check runs every week – a process that now takes less than 10 minutes after automation.


Case Study

“We were preparing for the pandemic and we didn’t know it” – How AIR got remote-work ready

In March 2020, the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) had to adapt to a stark new reality. As with companies across the globe, they had to ensure business continuity while their small team (then just 30 people) could no longer go into the office.

Independent Contractors and Businesses Association

Case Study

ICBA on AP Automation: “Things Don’t Slip Between the Cracks Anymore”

Enforcing financial controls such as departmental budget spend can be hard when organizations rely on paper. But with AP automation software, finance chiefs can easily set such rules.


Case Study

Radisson Blu Minneapolis: Complete AP Control At Your Fingertips

The AP teams at these Radisson hotels were still dealing with a time-consuming paper-based process for approving invoices. With part of their team working remotely, they urgently needed to find a quicker way of getting invoices through the system.


Case Study

Canadian Seed Growers’ Association Reduces its Manual Practices – “Our Processes Are Almost Entirely Electronic”

As for the pandemic and the transition to remote working, CSGA admits that the automation with Beanworks software was key to bettering its organizational capacity and financial system infrastructure.

Radisson Blu Logo

Case Study

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu hotels in North America were struggling with a time-consuming paper-based process in their accounts payable (AP) department. Thanks to Beanworks AP automation, they are now saving more than 50% of their time in AP.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Case Study

“Paper invoices were getting lost” – How Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Modernized Accounts Payable

Last year, the CSO celebrated its 125th anniversary bringing world-class musical productions to audiences both domestically and internationally. Yet as the organization continued to expand, the need to modernize became critical.


Case Study


Discover what GGFL gained when they automated with Beanworks for a simple system with all AP processes in one place.

Trailer Wizards Saved 3-5 Minutes Per Invoice with AP Automation Logo

Case Study

Trailer Wizards Saved 3-5 Minutes Per Invoice with AP Automation

Find out how TIP Trailer Services perfected approval processes and invoice tracking with Beanworks AP automation.

Lost Tree Club Logo

Case Study

Lost Tree Club

Lost Tree Club eliminates approval delays and lost invoices with Beanworks AP automation

U-Pak truck

Case Study

“We don’t keep physical invoices in the office anymore” – How U-Pak’s AP Team Went Digital With Beanworks

U-Pak decided it was time to modernize their accounts payable (AP) system to make invoice processing more streamlined. By digitizing their filing cabinet, the team can access invoices at any time from any location.


Case Study

How America’s “Best Small Airport” Took Off With Beanworks AP Automation

As Huntsville has continued to attract a highly-skilled workforce, it became apparent for HSV to help their accounts payable (AP) team transition from a manual, outdated system, to a more dynamic model.  

Cook Bonner Ebeling Construction

Case Study

How One Construction Company Freed Up 75% of Their Bookkeeper’s Time

A majority of Cook Bonner Ebeling Construction’s staff works from different sites 90% of their time. In the past, managers mostly visited the office to code invoices. Now, they can just do it on their iPad. 

oklahoma housing finance agency

Case Study

‘No More Wasted Trees and Ink’ – How Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency Saved Time and Money with Beanworks

As their cabinets filled up with paper, it was time to address these old processes and look for a better way of doing things.


Case Study

“I call it magic!” – PETA Foundation on How Beanworks Transformed its AP

PETA Foundation was running into delays using different systems to operate their AP. Learn how Beanworks has accelerated invoice and payment processing, giving the accounting team more time for bigger tasks.

Minikahda Club image

Case Study

“It was just boxes and boxes” – How Minikahda Club Beat Paperwork With Beanworks

Prestigious golf course Minikahda Club was drowning in filing cabinets thanks to its manual accounts payable processes. Find out how they got back control thanks to Beanworks.


Case Study

Why the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Ditched Manual AP for the Cloud

AIR uses Beanworks’ ACH system to make payments and it has cut down delays drastically. Their team is only spending 2-3% of their day on this workflow now.


Case Study

This Savvy Accounting Team Saved 3-5 Minutes in Processing Per Invoice

As Homepoint continues to grow, the amount of data the company has to process continues to multiply. Learn how they added unlimited users, customized approval channels and saved 3-5 Minutes in processing per invoice.


Case Study

“Reconciling expenses now takes 30 seconds” – Athabasca Catering’s Expenses Transformation

Industrial caterers, Athabasca Catering were able to go paperless and simplify their expenses, PO and invoices processes with Beanworks.


Case Study

Science World Uses Beanworks to Future-Proof its AP

Before switching to automation, Science World’s accounts payable (AP) was managed entirely on paper. “Physical invoices were taking up so much room that we were running out of office space.”


Case Study

‘We are now a 90% paperless company’ – How Everest Automated Its AP

Car maintenance company Everest Services Centre is 90% paperless thanks in part to automating their Accounts Payable (AP).


Case Study

How Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club Eliminated Duplicate Invoices in AP

Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club’s paper-based system meant they had misfiled invoices and duplicated invoices, approval delays and staff bogged down with manual tasks. Here’s how they turned that around.

Book Depot

Case Study

Book Depot Saves 73% of Time in Accounts Payable with Beanworks AP Automation

Book Depot’s only AP employee was spending 95% of his time doing manual work such as data entry. Here’s how he got more time back using Beanworks AP automation.

Brickell Biotech

Case Study

Brickell Biotech: “We’ve reduced invoice approval delays by 99%”

Before Beanworks, Brickell was struggling to manage two separate storage platforms – one containing physical documents, and the other digital.

Christian School District Logo

Case Study

Christian School District

An education institute struggling with duplicate invoices and data entry errors replaces manual accounts payable with automation.

Adams Beverages Logo

Case Study

Adams Beverages

How one business kept accounts payable running remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.

EnergyWatch Logo

Case Study


Replacing paper and recovering high costs with Beanworks AP Automation.

Matt Putra

Case Study

How to Cut Costs & Keep Your Business Running During a Crisis

There’s a couple of lessons we can learn from previous economic downturns and with the advice of experts like Matt, find our way forward into the future.

Homepoint Logo

Case Study


Beanworks AP Automation with Sage Intacct saves three to five minutes per invoice for Homepoint.

Fatigue Science Logo

Case Study

Fatigue Science

Fatigue Science achieves full visibility across their accounts payable workflow with Beanworks.

Lexington Country Club Logo

Case Study

Lexington Country Club

Lexington Country Club significantly cuts invoice approval delays with Beanworks.

Gateway Property Management Logo

Case Study

Gateway Property Management

Gateway Property Management moves their entire AP process away from a decentralized system to one centralized location.

PR Asset Management Logo

Case Study

PR Asset Management

PR Asset Management reduces time spent coding invoices by 25% and reduces overall costs by 10%.

Accelerated Oil Technologies Logo

Case Study

Accelerated Oil Technologies

Accelerated Oil Technologies decreases invoice processing times by 50%.

Lexington Country Club

Case Study

Lexington Country Club Streamlines Their Accounts Payable Process and Approvals With Beanworks

Lexington Country Club is a private gated community located in southwest Florida, just a short drive away from sandy white …


Case Study

Fatigue Science Achieves Full Visibility Across their Accounts Payable Workflow with Beanworks

Fatigue Science is an innovative company that uses biomathematical science and wearable technology to measure occupational fatigue. With their fatigue …

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