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Accounts Payable Automation for QuickBooks

Beanworks not only provides accounts payable automation for QuickBooks, but creates a seamless connection to streamline your AP workflow. Our accounts payable software integrates with QuickBooks to solve your accounts payable challenges and generate real-time reporting on your invoices as they progress from purchase order, through coding, to approvals, and finally to payment.

We centralize and simplify your accounts payable processes with our cloud-based software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With QuickBooks Online, Beanworks integrates seamlessly through a direct connection with your QuickBooks Online account. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can authorize Beanworks to connect with your QuickBooks account, then the data is synced automatically from that point onwards in real time!

While QuickBooks makes it easy to track expenses and payables once they’re posted, have you considered how much better your cash flow decisions could be if you knew what was in progress? Get a clear view on your payables through Beanworks through real-time search and on-demand reports.

Versions Supported

Along with seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, we also offer integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise installations.

Connecting to Multiple Companies

Beanworks is able to connect to a single QuickBooks company/legal entity or multiple companies/legal entities. A connection/sync button will exist in Beanworks for each QuickBooks company/legal entity we will be connecting to.

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What Data is Transferred?

Once Beanworks and your companies/legal entities are connected to each other, the data transfer happens automatically and instantly. From each QuickBooks company/legal entity, we receive the following information: Vendor List, Account List, Class List, Items List, Customer/Job List, Payments

Note that information regarding payments made on invoices is attached to Invoices in Beanworks. From Beanworks, we send all approved AP Transactions from Beanworks into QuickBooks as “Bills” which are then ready for you to manage inside of QuickBooks.

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