How Much Does It Really Cost To Process An Invoice?

Many small companies today are still pushing paper invoices through for payment and wasting resources in the process. When I first started researching the accounts payable cost to process an invoice, I was flabbergasted to find out that an average company spends $16.00 to $37.00 pushing one invoice through their paper system.

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How does your product save our company money?

Just for starters, Beanworks takes care of the basic data entry of your invoices, so we can reduce labour by 25%. The overall cost savings depend on your current level of efficiency. A conversation with one of our specialists will help you determine your company’s potential savings. Click here to connect with us!

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How many companies can I do payables for in Beanworks?

Beanworks can handle multiple companies in one view, so there is no limit to the number of companies that you can process payables for.

What if I have companies with different accounting/ERP software systems, can I still see everything in one place?

Yes, Beanworks can accommodate multiple companies with multiple ERP systems.

Do I have to re-enter the information into our accounting program?

Nope! All information is synchronized electronically, there is no duplicate data entry required.

Can Beanworks AP integrate with my existing accounting solution?

Yes! Beanworks can integrate with a long list of softwares and ERPs, click here for integration information.

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What about sales tax? Does your program handle taxes for various countries?

Yes, Beanworks handles all forms of sales tax.

How do invoices get from us into the Beanworks system?

The easiest way to get invoices to Beanworks is to email them to your Beanworks email address, you also have the ability to scan directly to the program, browse to upload files, or drag and drop files to get them into the program.

What invoice file formats are accepted by Beanworks?


Does Beanworks store the images of invoices? Can those images be transferred to my ERP system?

Yes, images are stored for seven years. They can also be stored on a server of your choosing, be hyperlinked from your ERP or transferred directly to your ERP if your ERP can store images (additional set up fees apply).

What if I need the images down the road? How can I get my invoice images?

The Beanworks team can transfer all images to you if necessary.

What is Beanworks Support like, will someone help me when I need it?

Beanworks has topnotch support, our phones are live answered 9AM – 8PM EST.

My question isn’t listed above, what do I do now?

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