A message from the CEO

Dear valued customer,

We thought we would check in and see how you are doing. Each and every one of our customers is special to us. You’ve supported us in our journey, trusted us with your Accounts Payable needs and now more than ever it is important to take a moment and connect with the people who make Beanworks possible.

Just as you’ve been there for us we want to be here for you. I recognize that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will affect businesses differently. If your company is experiencing financial strains, I encourage you to contact us and we will do whatever is needed to work towards a viable solution to support you.

We made the decision to prioritize the health and well being of our staff by switching to primarily remote work for the duration of this crisis. We’ve now completed this transition. Your Customer Success Manager and the Technical Support teams are operating as per normal. We recognize that AP Automation is a critical business system so we made sure that there will be no interruption to your service or reduction in support.

The need to support remote work and reduce costs has never been more important. If you know of a business who could use our help, but is uncertain as to their financial situation please refer them to us. We launched a program of assistance for businesses that are particularly vulnerable to the sudden economic slow down. As an operational accountant with 25 years experience, I know how difficult it is to manage the financials of a business. The finance department always seems understaffed and overworked. I started Beanworks as a way of significantly reducing workload and making it possible to collaborate with the rest of the finance team remotely. If the only thing keeping a team of finance professionals from having greater peace of mind when working from home is the cost of changing Beanworks, then we will waive the setup fees and pause billing until the business recovers.

Thank you for trusting in our business. Please stay safe and healthy.

Catherine Dahl