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Upload Expense Receipts On-The-Go. Auto-Reconcile Them In Real Time.

Your employees are going to love the upcoming Expense Receipt Management feature of the BeanworksAP system. No matter how many employees you have or where they happen to be located in the world, they’ll soon be able to use the BeanworksAP mobile app to take a picture of a receipt on-the-go, digitize them automatically, and upload them to an online expense report that your accounting team has access to 24/7.

It’s A Win-Win Situation For Everyone

We’re not joking. This really is a win-win: Your employees will love it because it’s easy for them to upload and keep track of all their expense receipts. And, your accounting team will love it because the tedious part of the expense receipt management process is automated.

No more chasing down employees for random receipts that you HOPE still exist so that you can MANUALLY enter them into your system. With the upcoming BeanworksAP Expense Receipt Management feature, all uploaded expenses flow right into the invoice module for an additional layer of accounting workflow if desired. It’s that easy.

BeanworksAP will also soon be able to automatically verify and reconcile these expenses with your credit statements in real time. Again, we’re not kidding.

We’re here to streamline your accounting workflow and make your life easier. Let us know if you want that too.

(As if there was ever any doubt of that fact!)

Happy Accounting, Everyone~


Team Beanworks

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