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Online Expense Reports: An Expense Receipt Management Solution That Actually Works!

March 24, 2015

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now: Beanworks will soon be offering a real time, multi-company expense receipt management solution. This means you can manage all your expense reports online, your employees can easily submit receipts and update expense reports on-the-go, and you have full visibility to everything online in real time.

At Beanworks, we pride ourselves on being able to take the pain out of payables. It’s the main reason why all our clients including CFO’s, controllers, and accounting staff like us so much.

Just think of how EASY it would make your life to NOT have to worry about lost expense receipts from your employees — because they could simply take a picture of them on-the-go, digitize them using the Beanworks mobile app, and upload them to an online expense report that your accounting team has full and complete visibility of anytime, anywhere.

And, think of how CONVENIENT it would make your accounting team’s life to be able to manage all aspects of the expense receipt and accounts payable process for multiple companies from one SINGLE place. That’s right — there’s no need to create multiple accounts to manage all your different company workflows. With Beanworks you have full access to all your companies in ONE PLACE with ONE LOGIN.

And, just imagine how much TIME AND MONEY YOU’LL SAVE by going completely paperless – say goodbye to hours of manual data entry and say HELLO to paperless workflow systems that are flexible and customizable to your organization’s specific needs.

You Know You Want This

From now until April 30th, Beanworks is opening up its doors for extra special, early access to its expense receipt management solution. Want in on the goods? Sign up here and we’ll get in touch with you right away to make your accounting workflow process a topic that actually makes you…well…smile =)

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