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Lexington Country Club Streamlines Their Accounts Payable Process and Approvals With Beanworks

May 1, 2018

Lexington Country Club

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Lexington Country Club is a private gated community located in southwest Florida, just a short drive away from sandy white beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and from the business and entertainment districts of Fort Myers. With more than 1400 residents living on the club grounds, staff at the club are kept very busy and the accounting team even more so.

In our new case study, we look at how Beanworks’ AP automation solution simplified invoice processing at a multi-property private club. Leslie King, the controller at Lexington Country Club, took some time out to talk about the transition the club underwent in moving from a paper-based AP process to an automated workflow. “We were just dealing with so much paper, and it was going everywhere,” said King.

Before Beanworks, the club’s accounting team was dealing with so much paper that invoices would often go missing and closing the books on accounts payable at the end of the year was always a monumental task. Looking for a solution, King found that Beanworks provided exactly the features she needed. Specifically, the club needed a better way to store and manage all their AP documents, track invoice progression, and integrate seamlessly with their accounting system.

While King’s team initially planned on taking a month to fully implement Beanworks, in practice, the transition took only about a week. The key to this smooth transition was to make sure her team was fully on board before the launch. “I brought my staff in on it, the ones who were going to be working primarily with it, and showed them the demo,” said King. “They got on board right away.”

Learn exactly how Lexington Country Club solved their accounts payable challenges with Beanworks. Read the full case study on our website.

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