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Happy International Women’s Day: 3 Reasons Why Beanworks Prioritizes Women in the Workplace

March 7, 2016

International Women's Day

As an organization with a management team that is is 85% female, International Women’s Day holds a special place here at Beanworks. While developing cutting edge accounting software is our primary focus, equal opportunity employment has always been a guiding principle in how our company does business.

Why Beanworks Values Gender Equality

1) Women are Under-Represented in Business, but Make Up a Significant Part of the Workforce

EY’s report “Worldwide Index of Women as Public Sector Leaders” shows that while females account for 48% of the overall public sector workforce, they represent less than 20% of senior leadership roles across G20 countries. As a company, we feel that it is imperative that men and women are both offered the same professional opportunities.

2) Diversity Breeds Creativity

Though our leadership has a lot of female members, the diversity of backgrounds is staggering – culturally, professional backgrounds, age, and more. Forbes’ report ” Fostering Innovation through a Diverse Workforce” shows why diversity drives innovation in companies and is a critical success factor for businesses. Because of the diversity present on our management team, we’ve been able to benefit from creative solutions to any challenge that arises for a growing technology startup.

3) An Opportunity to Lead By Example

We have crafted a team that is leading us through a very promising 2016 – and we’ve done that by always giving equal consideration to all candidates. As we continue to grow, we look forward to continuing to offer roles to talented women wanting to join our team and we hope to influence other organizations to do the same.

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