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Free Webinar: Accounts Payable Automation

If you’ve been thinking about online accounts payable software, you’ll find this webinar useful. More and more organizations are looking for ways to automate their accounts payable process. They want to eliminate paper, improve productivity and gain better visibility about their invoices and working capital.  In other words, all the neat stuff we talk about in this blog.  Beanworks Solutions has been helping organizations automate their AP processes since 2008.  Whether you are for profit or not, invoice automation can benefit your AP department. From AP clerk to controller, to VP finance, this webinar will have something of interest for you.

On November 26, 2014 at 11AM PST Catherine Dahl, Beanworks Solutions Inc.’s intrepid CEO will show you how to:

  • Cut your AP processing costs by at least 50%
  • Get Rid of the Paper
  • Reduce Fraud Risk
  • Increase Your Visibility Around Vendor Spend
  • Process invoices 50% faster

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