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Fatigue Science Achieves Full Visibility Across their Accounts Payable Workflow with Beanworks

August 16, 2017


Fatigue Science is an innovative company that uses biomathematical science and wearable technology to measure occupational fatigue. With their fatigue model, they track a variety of sleep factors, like quality and circadian rhythms, to predict how fatigue will evolve over time. For their clients, which include professional sports teams, heavy industry companies, and the military, Fatigue Science provides essential data and analysis. Their product offerings are on the cutting edge of science and technology, but before they became a Beanworks customer, their paper-based accounts payable process had yet to be modernized.

Recently, we sat down with Fatigue Science CEO Sean Kerklaan to talk about what life was like before Beanworks and how it’s changed after implementation. In our new case study, Kerklaan details how successful that journey has been for him and his company.

Fatigue Science

Before the switch to Beanworks, Kerklaan’s team would process all their invoices manually, relying on filing cabinets to keep the paper trail organized, and spending hundreds of dollars each month on printing and courier fees. With a paper-based system, Kerklaan lacked any sort of real visibility into the company’s invoices and payments.

As a company that had grown to include 50 employees and three offices across North America, Fatigue Science needed a modern system that could track invoices across each stage of the accounts payable workflow. “Accounting software, from my perspective, is a very complicated piece of technology. I don’t need any of that. I need to know what our cash balance is, what we owe, and what we are owed,” said Kerklaan.

See how Fatigue Science tackled their accounts payable challenges with Beanworks. Read the full case study on our website.

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