Cloud Accounting Software: The Future Of Accounting Workflow

May 16, 2015

Being in the accounts payable automation space means we spend a lot of time monitoring trends and asking our clients about their current needs as they move through their daily accounting routine. Here’s what we’ve learned: there’s been a decisive shift in the industry from on-premise ERP accounting systems to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with companies like Xero, NetSuite, and Intuit leading the way.

Not only is the cloud changing the way we work and how we get information, it is also providing us with something the world of accounting has long been demanding: real-time data visibility and automation. Although it took Intuit a few years to get their cloud-based accounting application, QuickBooks Online (QBO), aligned with their desktop application, QBO provides a variety of benefits where on-premise applications fall short.

Faster Software Performance

Moving onto a web-based or cloud accounting software system means all maintenance, new feature upgrades, and system updates are done quickly and automatically. In other words, there’s no need for an expensive, dedicated IT team to maintain the operations of a clunky software that’s often slowing down your computers and your team’s workflow.

Real-Time Accessibility Across Devices

CFOs and their staff can keep their pulse on the status of all accounting activities via their tablets, smartphones, and other devices anytime and anywhere remotely there is an internet connection. This kind of workflow visibility is priceless.

Cost Savings on IT Resources

Moving from in-house systems to web-based ones like QBO—with Beanworks automating the accounts payable process—means that all your data is hosted in the cloud, thus eliminating the need to have dedicated servers, maintenance staff, and an expensive IT infrastructure. There’s also no need to worry about scaling over time.

Beanworks is able to seamlessly integrate with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop and many of our clients, who were previously wary of technology, have now embraced it for its strategic value. Our customers have found that working with cloud-based accounting solutions is simply faster, more reliable, convenient, feature-rich, and less expensive than on-premise applications.

Learn how Beanworks can help your accounting team streamline its workflow, decrease costs, and boost departmental productivity.

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