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Beanworks Begins Developing Expense Management App

At Beanworks, we are driven to provide a solution that satisfies the needs of our clients in a user-friendly and innovative way.

We also take your feedback to heart. So when we noticed more and more clients looking for intuitive expense management, we started planning our product roadmap accordingly.

Coupled with Beanworks’ existing workflow automation, the app will provide you with a truly 21st-century expense management experience that is convenient and easy to use. Whether it’s lunch with a client, or tracking mileage on your way there, Beanworks’ expense functionality will help you track and log company expenses from a single portal, accessible via your desktop or mobile app.

The end result? A real-time connection between company spenders and accounting departments. Through seamless mobile expense and AP workflow automation, you’ll tackle missing receipts and low visibility into company expenses head on with a much-needed bridge between accounting departments and their surrounding departmental teams.

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