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BC Tech Jobs Career Network at BCTIA Hub

November 20, 2015

BC Tech Jobs Career Network at

Beanworks Solutions recently was proud to attend the BC Tech Jobs career networking event at the BCTIA hub in Vancouver. The topic of the event: discuss the what being a developer is like in a a startup environment. The panel showcased a group of startup leaders who walked attendees through learning about why one should consider joining the startup world and what’s unique about a startup environment, including topics like work scope, hiring process, and growth opportunities.

We sent Rollie – one of our superstar developers as part of the panel for the evening. When we asked Rollie what the top 2 questions asked during the evening, here is what Rollie shared with us:

  1. Why work for a startup?
    Transparency, adoption of new technologies and innovation.
  2. What does it take to be successful in a startup environment?
    Being dependable, owning projects and taking initiative

Rollie really took the time to answer questions from attendees and gave some great insight as to what it is like being software developer for a startup company.

We asked Rollie what the biggest take-away for you from the event – what did you learn?

“Some answers from others were inspiring, one panelist said being caring differentiates good and great developers. It was also interesting to see how other people thought from different angles, such as the differences between computer science, bootcamp and self taught.
It was great to meet fellow startup developers at the event, as well as those people who were keen on coming to the startup world. Listened to some great answers from other panelists about why work for a startup, it made me deeply believe that I made the right decision to join Beanworks.”


Thanks to Rollie, the rest of the panelists, and the BCTIA for hosting this event! You can find more information about this event, and a recap of the evening on the BCTIA website.

Are you interested in joining a OUR startup team of super saavy developers?  Beanworks is hiring!

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