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Automatic Payment Run Report – Make Your Accounts Payable Team Smile

October 9, 2014

Accounting Team Smiling

You’ve probably noticed a theme running through our blogs.  Automated is Good, manual is Bad.  A great AP process allows people to see what they need, when they need it, with minimal effort.  When you or your AP folks are faced with the task of matching every invoice with every check so they can get them signed and mailed, don’t you think to yourself that there has got to be a better way? Maybe you’re already scanning and trying to get rid of the paper but you’re stuck with check signers who want to see backup (and so they should).

Rejoice Mr. or Ms. AP! The day has finally arrived to virtually eliminate the time spent attaching backup to checks. And even if we say so ourselves, this feature kicks paper and manual effort in the butt. Goodbye crocodile folders! Simply search across a range of check numbers and then produce an electronic report that compiles each of the invoices that correspond to each payment. The report includes a summary of all payments, a summary of each invoice to which the payment applies and displays the image of each invoice along with the history and approval details.

You no longer need to attach the backup to each check.  This report does it for you in seconds. You can then easily share the report with the check signers. You no longer need to spend hours on this task, or need the paper invoice, because it’s all secure, accessible and easily compiled into a pretty report, ordered by check number. That will make you smile and you will be able to leave the office early!

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