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5 Reasons Why You Should Work In The Cloud

June 25, 2015

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Do you want to know the real reason why businesses love working in the cloud? We reached out to some of our customers and asked them why they decided to make the switch to online software solutions. The results are fascinating!

Online solutions offer flexibility and scalable capacity

Organizations that are tired of running resource-heavy applications on their desktops and clunky programs on a server in their own building are often the first to start thinking about cloud computing. Online software vendors use high-capacity, remote servers that are able to instantly meet the ever-changing bandwidth demands of a growing company. This allows staff to quickly access the same kinds of applications, features, and data online.

Disaster recovery becomes a much simpler process

Companies that adopt cloud-based software no longer need complex disaster and data recovery plans. Cloud computing vendors handle most of these issues, and they are equipped to do it faster than an in-house IT department.

Working in the cloud boosts productivity

Got an Internet connection? Then your employees can work remotely from anywhere. This kind of flexibility positively impacts an employee’s work-life balance and, ultimately, his or her productivity. Ask any strategic HR management consultant or talent retention expert and they’ll probably tell you that a large percentage of individuals would take a pay cut if they could telecommute.

Enhance collaboration between team members

Cloud computing also enhances the collaboration process between direct team members and those in different departments. No matter where your staff may be, they can easily connect with one another and work on shared documents simultaneously. When you work in the cloud, you can converse with teammates and access critical project updates all in real time. Video conferencing and screen sharing software enhances the collaboration process even more, which increases efficiency and adds to a company’s bottom line.

Multiple users can share each document

Thanks to the cloud, groups of employees can view and edit a single file located in a central location all at the same time. There’s no need to send files back and forth over emails, nor do you need to sift through attachments to find documents with confusing file names and formats.

Increased productivity, risk management, and real time departmental collaboration – these invaluable benefits make working in the cloud more attractive than ever before. As a cloud-based application and online ap automation solution, Beanworks brings your entire accounts payable workflow into the cloud. Learn more about cloud accounting and schedule a chat with an AP Automation specialist today.

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