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2015 Message from Our CEO

December 14, 2015

Catherine Dahl

Well, it is that time of year again! As CEO of Beanworks I get the great privilege to write you our holiday year end letter.

As 2015 comes to an end I want to take this opportunity to thank all our awesome Beancounters! We would not exist without you. This year just flew by. In 2015 we made big strides in our mission to put accounting and those involved in doing it first. Our goal is to provide software that helps give you back more time, makes your day easier, and treats you with the respect you deserve as accounting professionals. We hope you have enjoyed the system improvements this year.

I want to just take a moment to review what we added as Beanworks got some cool new features in 2015:

Smart Coding – a very popular one!
Invoice Audit Trail is back!
Beanboard – is back!
Soft Delete… ‘phewf good I can get it back’!
And most importantly – BeanPay: our Electronic Payments module! WHAT?!?

“ePayments??? Built RIGHT INTO BEAN??”. Yes, that is right! Currently in Beta release, you too can pay your vendors electronically in 2016 and make those payments pay YOU! “WHAT, no way, HOW?” As part of BeanPay, you will be able to pay your vendors with a Virtual Credit Card that is payment-specific and gives you monthly cash back rebates. You can also pay via EFT or ACH for those vendors not able to take credit card payments. It is a closed-loop system that automatically transmits and reconciles the ePayment with no work on your side….just watch it happen.

I have to say, Virtual Credit Cards are truly innovating the payments process. It is THE most secure way to make a payment that I have ever seen in my 25+ years in accounting and business management. It is simply amazing. And we aren’t stopping with domestic payments. Later in 2016 we will add INTERNATIONAL payments! Pay any vendor, anywhere, in any currency you want.

All of this comes with a completely configurable workflow machine and full visibility of the invoice back-up. It has been a long-time dream to add this functionality and I am so proud that we have finally done it!

Following BeanPay, we will continue to add more accounting functionality in 2016 including expense and corporate physical credit card receipts management add-ons, a mobile app, and some other cool new features across the system.

We are always aiming to exceed your accounting needs. That’s why in the coming months you will see us ask more formally how we can serve you better with some quick user feedback surveys. We will be adding monthly Bean University webinars to help you leverage available features, and sending out newsletters to keep you up to date with ways to save time and money.

This year we are also helping to give back by participating in Startups Care. Click here to see how you can help too by adding to our efforts to support those in need this winter.

Have a great holiday season, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a very happy New Year!


Catherine Dahl
CEO, Beanworks

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