Accounting Teams

Giving your accounting team better visibility and control over AP, with less effort and less clicks.

Finance Leaders

Make forward-looking decisions with accurate data

Beanworks AP automation gives you the tools to make more forward-looking, strategic decisions with all of your payables in one place, even for multiple entities. Tighter controls over the entire process help prevent fraud and increase visibility for everyone involved in AP.

  • Gain full visibility into AP, sooner
  • Manage multiple legal entities centrally
  • Produce accurate reports across AP workflow
Finance Leader

Hear from other finance leaders

“One of the important things for us in choosing Beanworks was being able to look at our AP related data on a real time basis.”

Bill F., Controller/CAO, Home Point Financial

“Beanworks leaves a great audit trail for accounts payable.”

Stan C., CFO, Trailer Wizards

“Being able to always have an up-to-date view of our finances has been a huge asset for our company. Every department can see where the numbers stand at any time.”

Paul M., President, Calabogie Resort

Calabogie Resort

Improve visibility and control over the AP process

Get a clear and accurate view of the status of all payables, and easily identify bottlenecks in the process. Invoices can be approved from anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about approvers being out of the office or away from their desk. Gain a searchable audit trail of every document, and empower your team to work together effortlessly.

  • Accurately accrue liabilities as you receive them
  • Gain full visibility of approvals
  • Prevent bottlenecks with approval workflow reporting

Hear from other Controllers

“At any point in time, I have a clear view of what accounts payable looks like.”

Sarah R., Accounts Payable Manager, Home Point Financial

“Beanworks has brought our business into the 21st century…All of our invoices and corresponding payment information is now available with a few clicks of a mouse.”

Samantha M., Senior Accountant, Dynamic Systems

AP Professionals

Spend more time doing work you enjoy

Beanworks takes care of data entry and automatically routes invoices for approval, so you can spend less time on monotonous tasks. When someone comes to you with questions about invoices or payments, you can easily look up documents and see their current status.

  • Say goodbye to emailing, printing and filing invoices
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Spend less time following up on approvals
AP Professional

Hear from other AP Professionals

“We would be doing invoices every single day, whereas now I can break it up between two days and I can work on my other tasks those other three days.”

Paige Z., AP Clerk, Home Point Financial

“Beanworks has helped eliminate paper invoices across the company, as the invoices can be accessed and uploaded digitally and be seen/approved by the appropriate users.”

Elizabeth E., Accounting Clerk, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

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