Work Smarter - Not Harder
“Automation really is more efficient…”

All our customers see at least 50% improvement in their AP processing efficiency.
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You won’t need to contort your team for us
Our workflow is flexible

Our powerful workflow engine easily automates the most complex invoice approval processes.
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Finally, the visibility you’ve always wanted
No more invoices hiding on approver’s desks.

BeanworksAP increases control and provides real-time invoice visibility.
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Pay as you go,
No commitmentsYou’ll be live in less than 30 days with no upfront software costs.

Our cloud-based AP Automation solution has low investment and deployment costs.
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Automate your Accounts Payable with Beanworks

BeanworksAP is a cost-saving accounts payable automation software that is streamlined and paperless, online & easy to implement, flexible and user-friendly, & easy on the eyes.

  • Save Time & Money

    By eliminating paperwork and automating your business rules, Beanworks will reduce your invoice processing costs by at least 50% – guaranteed.

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  • Improved Visibility & Control

    Beanworks gives you real-time visibility into the status of every invoice and control of your AP process with secure online access from anywhere.

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  • Streamline Multi-Entities

    Beanworks provides you the ability to monitor and process invoices from separate companies in one central solution.

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Looking for an automation partner?

Working with Beanworks

We know that you have many choices for your AP automation partner. The most important thing is that you are happy with the provider you select (though to be honest, we think we do this better than anyone else). We work diligently to ensure you are fully informed about our software, what it can do for you, and the process of rolling out AP automation in your company. If you choose Beanworks’ accounts payable automation software, we start by learning about your goals and processes, so we can take care of the initial setup. Our customers are excited when they logon and see their users, privacy controls, approval processes, and accounting information ready to go.

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Works with your accounting system.

Our customers use a wide variety of solutions

BeanworksAP integrates with popular accounting software or ANY accounting software capable of exporting list data (such as vendor and account) and importing AP transactions. Beanworks can also run as a standalone solution.

  • Sage MAS 500 ERP

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains

  • AS/400 AS400 Accounting

  • Microsoft Dynamics SL Solomon

  • Jonas Construction Software

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